YSU’s Resch Academic Success Center

Student success centers organize a college’s resources around common action to accelerate students’ persistence and completion. YSU’s Resch Academic Success Center includes First-Year Student Services, Adult Learning Services, Multicultural Student Services and Student Tutorial Services with Academic Coaching, Supplemental Instruction and Orientation Services.

The Math Achievement Center (MAC) assists YSU students in strengthening mathematics skills and provides resource materials for independent study. MAC tutors and academic coaches have been trained in Carol Dweck’s Mindset Theory.


The center offers tutoring services in over 100 courses. Students can find a peer tutor who has succeeded in their course, or they can work with an academic coach to develop effective study skills. Tutoring sessions are offered both online and in person, as well as during final exam week.

Tutoring sessions are free of charge for all YSU students. Students can schedule a session on a first-come, first-serve basis. In addition to one-on-one sessions, the center also offers group sessions and course review workshops.

Tutors are trained to use Carol Dweck’s Mindset Theory in their work with students. This approach helps to address the psychological obstacles that often prevent students from succeeding in their classes. Students who regularly attend tutoring sessions have a higher passing rate and a better GPA than those who do not. This is an excellent way to help improve your grades! YSU athletic coaches strongly encourage their student-athletes to use the center.

Study Skills

Student success centers organize a college’s resources around common action to accelerate student persistence and completion. They also serve as a point of contact for students to access academic support and services. Tutoring, academic coaching and supplemental instruction are among the services offered by student success centers.

The center’s Study Skills Tutors help students become academically independent by providing strategies for successful reading and studying. They help students understand that building reading and study skills provides high returns for their investment in study time. The center’s students are trained to use Carol Dweck’s Mindset Theory, and it has conducted many presentations to classes and events.

The Writing Center offers consultations to assist students with their written assignments, including essays, lab reports, history papers and resumes. They can help students develop an outline, improve the clarity of their writing and document their work using APA, MLA or Chicago styles. They can even provide preparation advice for standardized tests like the GRE or LSAT.

Supplemental Instruction

Located in the six-story William F. Maag Library, the Mathematics Achievement Center (MAC) offers YSU students a comfortable supportive environment to facilitate the strengthening of fundamental mathematics skills and provide resource materials for independent study.

The YSU Bookstore, a Barnes & Noble College Store, carries textbooks and supplies for all YSU courses, YSU spirit apparel, computer and electronics accessories, convenience foods and much more. It is open more than 80 hours a week during the term and provides on-line access to library services, the on-line catalog and direct digital information resources through MaagNet.

The YSU CARE Team provides a centralized point of contact for individuals who have extenuating situations that impact their ability to achieve academic success including financial difficulties, mental or physical health challenges, food and housing insecurities, challenging family circumstances, issues with faculty or staff members and other barriers. To learn more about the YSU CARE Team, visit their website. The Gina Tenney Student Leadership Award is given by the YSU Student Government to a YSU student who demonstrates leadership, motivation and creativity in University and community activities.


Orientation services include placement testing, academic advising, student ID cards, housing & dining, and student activities. Placement tests help students determine their course level and provide information about YSU’s curriculum and policies. These tests are free and offered both online and in person. Students can make a reservation for their orientation through the Penguin Portal after they have been accepted to YSU.

Students will also be enrolled in a course called YSU 1500, which will be taught by their academic advisor. The course will teach them the foundations of college success, which is necessary to succeed in YSU’s academic environment.

The Orientation Department offers a comprehensive program for first year students, IGNITE. The program is a day long event that provides students with all of the resources needed to get started at YSU. They will meet their academic advisor, and register for classes that fall term. YSU will send students important information about IGNITE through their student email account.

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The First Steps to Student Academic Success

Student academic success can be defined in a number of ways. Most commonly, it is equated with quantitative student outcomes like grades or GPAs. Other measures include persistence and career outcomes such as obtaining a STEM job.

This hegemonic framing is problematic for marginalized students who may struggle to thrive in an environment that only prioritizes certain definitions of success. Student success leaders need to support and amplify nonacademic metrics that honor alternative conceptions of student achievement.

Identify Your Goals

Whether you’re trying to earn a higher GPA or master that intimidating calculus class, the first step in student academic success is creating clear goals for yourself. Then, once you’ve set your academic goals, create a plan to achieve them.

It’s important that your goals are clear, specific, and measurable. An ambiguous goal like “improve your grades” won’t get you very far, but something more precise such as “Raise my math grade from B to A by the end of the semester” is an actionable objective that can be achieved through consistent study.

Academic goals can also help you stay motivated and reduce stress by targeting areas that may cause anxiety. Having specific academic milestones to work toward gives you something to strive for and provides an opportunity to celebrate small accomplishments. Keeping a list of your goals in a place you’ll routinely see them will also help keep you accountable. Then when you stray, don’t beat yourself up—just start again tomorrow!

Cultivate Patience

Patience is a non-cognitive skill that influences how well students perform in school and in their career, personal life, and health. Studies have found that impatient people tend to make less progress toward their goals, and they report lower levels of satisfaction with their accomplishments compared to patient achievers.

To develop patience, teachers can help students learn to regulate their emotions, empathize with others, and meditate. They can also encourage students to consider the long-term consequences of their actions and choose to pursue high-quality tasks rather than those that yield immediate results.

Teachers can also help students develop patience by giving them options to work through challenging content without asking for assistance. For example, they can require that students at least try to solve a problem on their own and annotate it before they can ask the teacher for help. In addition, they can set realistic performance standards that take into account students’ experience and aptitude.

Prioritize Your Time

Whether it’s a physical planner, an electronic calendar on your phone or a dedicated scheduling app, create a system that allows you to lay out important dates and deadlines in one place so you can prioritize. Use it to keep track of your class schedule, family responsibilities and study sessions.

Be sure to set aside time for other things that are important to you. Don’t neglect your hobbies or socializing with friends. Studies show that balancing your life with different activities makes you a happier, more successful student.

Inside Higher Ed will debut a new Student Success hub to provide actionable news, ideas and advice for professionals at two- and four-year institutions who care deeply about helping their students find the right academic balance and succeed in college and beyond. Check back for updates, and get involved by sharing your experiences. Our content hub will feature profiles of administrators in new student success-related roles at their institution as well as Q&As with senior level enrollment management leaders who share their wisdom.

Set Specific Goals

Students who have a clear vision of what they want to achieve are more likely to stay motivated and work hard to make their goals a reality. Academic goals can be short term (like earning an A in a psychology class) or long term (like graduating with the highest honors in your major).

It is important to create SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time-bound) goals when working towards academic success. These types of goals provide a framework to help you prioritize tasks, improve your study habits and create a solid foundation for your future.

It is also helpful to review your long-term career and life goals on a regular basis to keep them in perspective. This will help you stay focused and motivated, even when faced with challenges or setbacks. Moreover, remember to celebrate and acknowledge your achievements along the way! This will boost your motivation and reinforce that your efforts are worthwhile.

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How Many Academic Jobs Should I Apply For?

When people think of a career in academia, they often focus on tenure-track faculty positions. But there are a range of other jobs within higher institutions that engage many of the positive elements of academia without some of the negatives.

These include: Getting your work published in high-quality journals, engaging with other academics and delivering classroom lectures to students. They also require resilience, as academic life is not always straightforward.


Academic researchers enjoy a wide range of career opportunities. They may present their work at international conferences, engage with researchers from other institutions, and deliver classroom and online lectures. Their responsibilities also include writing research papers and applying for funding.

It’s common for people with a four-year undergraduate Masters qualification to progress straight onto a PhD course and enter the academic world of research. For those with more experience, they can choose to work freelance or on short-term contracts, as and when the opportunity arises.

Achieving a position as an academic researcher is competitive and time-consuming. It’s essential to know the selection procedure in your area of expertise and understand how to best prepare yourself for interviews. Ultimately, it’s about convincing the department that you will make a difference to their research programme, rather than your paper pedigree or number of first-author papers in “top” journals.


Teacher hiring efforts tend to ramp up around April and May as schools get a clear picture of their staffing needs for the next academic year. Consequently, teachers will likely receive a number of interviews during this time, and it is important that applicants are well prepared for their interviews.

Interviews for teaching positions are a great opportunity to impress prospective employers and show that you have a clear vision of how you could make an impact at their school. Applicants should be prepared to answer questions pertaining to classroom management, student learning, and their own teaching philosophy.

During the interview process, Bloomer says that he and his colleagues ask questions to gauge the candidate’s personality, interests, and passions. Those personal questions can be the difference between getting a job and being overlooked.


In a recent job search for professors, applicants were asked to submit a letter, CV, teaching statement, and research statement, plus the names of three references. After the initial round, the committee reviewed all application materials and invited candidates for interviews at the university.

Academic administrators typically work year-round and are on call, even when classes are not in session. They may also be responsible for coordinating daily operations of a department, office, or school, or facilitating research and other academic studies.

Academic job applications are often a lot more demanding than conventional employment applications, and are likely to require substantial revisions. It’s important to think carefully about how the skills you learned and practiced in academe could translate into an administrative role, and how that will impact your application materials.


For our University, Commercialisation refers to the commercial development of IP created by our academic teams. This can be achieved through licensing to existing commercial organisations or the creation of new spin-out companies that take products to market.

The goal is to create a consistent portrait of yourself across the job documents. Show, don’t tell. Be clear and assertive. Do not squirm or hedge your claims in the documents, such as by using verbs like “try” or “endeavour”. These will give the impression that you are less confident and less certain of yourself than you actually are.


Many graduate employers will be interested in your resilience: the ability to cope with setbacks, unforeseen events and obstacles. Resilience is about a range of qualities, such as problem-solving skills, self-awareness and adaptability. It is also about having a support system, managing stress and identifying when you need to take time out.

The graduate job market can be challenging and rejection is common. Building your resilience now will help you to keep going when the path becomes rocky. It will also equip you with the very attributes that employers value – tenacity and determination. Quiet the noise and discover what matters to you and use it to prioritise your efforts, empower your decisions and give yourself a sense of agency.

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